How to Place Order?

Step- 1: Browse products
You can browse your require product through our various alternative like search option, categories or click on image display of perticular product.

Step- 2: Select the product
Select the product you want to buy and add it to the Cart or click on Buy now option, , fill the quantity you are going to order
with it in the blank box. Then the item will be added to your shopping cart. Repeat this operation with all your interested items till you have had enough for your order.
(Please note our minimum order amount is USD 500 for you to place a valid order).

Step- 3: Shopping as a guest user or create new account
Now you can continue shopping as a guest user or do a new registration.
If you haven’t opened any account with us, then it’s okay. you can buy product as guest user Or please click REGISTER button in the upper place of page to register
in our website and create a new account. Make sure to fill your information in the form as detailed as possible, especially pay attention to your contact email address,
by which we are going to follow your placed order successfully.

Step- 4: To the checkout page
When you add enough items to meet our minimum amount requirement in your cart and complete the necessary information, you will be directed to the checkout page

Step- 5: Shipping address
Now you have to enter your shipping address.

Step- 6: Select payment option and make payment
There are many type of payment option available as per client’s requirements. Please choose one of it and make payment.

Step- 7: Confirmation mail from us
You will get a confirmation email from us about order Id and other details.

Step-8: Delivery of The items
After our account receives your order with payment, we will start picking up your items from our warehouse. Usually this process takes 1-3 days. Then we will send out the parcel
by express. The tracking number will be emailed to you after the parcel is delivered.

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